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The Caboose team that manages our Naramata Bench vineyard is both professional and attentive. Our Syrah, Pinot Noir and Viognier vines thrived under their care and the vineyard is trim and tidy.

Alan & Bernadette McDonald

Caboose Viticulture re-planted our vineyard and have been doing an excellent job of managing it since. Matt and the entire Caboose Viticulture team are extremely knowledgeable about the care and vitality of our vineyard. They are instrumental in providing sustainable farming practices and meticulous attention to ensure the vineyard produces to the highest quality.

Toni-Rae & Doug Prusky

Jagged Ridge Vineyard

I highly recommend Caboose Viticulture. Our site was quite neglected when we purchased it, but in just a few years Steven and team have dramatically turned it around into a beautiful vineyard producing fantastic fruit. Matt and Michelle are a pleasure to work with and always go the extra mile to help out with issues and concerns as they arise. The team is attentive, conscientious, and, most importantly, highly skilled.

Ben & Sasha Chimes

We contracted Caboose to take over the care of our 7-acre vineyard soon after we purchased it in 2016. We wanted to see the quality of the vineyard improved and we wanted to be personally included in the process. The vineyard is now a gem and we have learned a ton about the vineyard business. The skill of the Caboose team and their patience in explaining their plan have made the experience both fun and rewarding.

Neil & Ranada Pritchard

Trestle Vineyard

Naramata Ranch Vineyards has been working with Caboose Viticultural Services for the past 4 years. We chose them because they are recognized as the best operators in the valley and we have been very happy with their services. As new growers we especially appreciated the time they have taken to teach us the fundamentals of viticulture. Our vineyard is new and has some unique challenges which Caboose has helped us overcome.

Warren & David Rylands

Naramata Ranch Vineyards